Date 24/05/2017

Permanent Secretary for Culture

Mr. Kitsayapong Siri

Permanent Secretary for Culture

Date of Birth:  23 June B.E. 2503 (A.D.1960)
B.E. 2528 (A.D.1985) B.Ed. in Guidance and Counseling (Second Class Honors.), Chiang Mai Rajabhat University
B.E. 2530 (A.D.1987) LL.B., Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University
B.E. 2535 (A.D.1992) M.Ed. in Educational Administration, Chiang Mai University
B.E. 2550 (A.D.2007) Graduate Diploma in Public Law, Thammasat University
B.E. 2559 (A.D.2016) Honorary Ph.D. in Public Administration, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University
14 November B.E. 2552 (A.D.2009) Director-General, Department of Religious Affairs
4 November B.E. 2553 (A.D.2010) Inspector-General
12 November B.E. 2552 (A.D.2009) Deputy Director-General, Department of Religious Affairs
12 March B.E. 2550 (A.D.2007) Director, Bureau of Moral and Ethical Development
3 November B.E. 2547 (A.D.2004) Director, Religious Services Division
B.E. 2536 - 2547 (A.D. 1993 - 2004) Education Officer, Ban Thi district, Lamphun province


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