Date 04/09/2017

Project to promote and honor the contemporary artists of “Silpathorn" of 2017

The Office of Contemporary Art and Culture sees the importance of promoting and encourage the middle-aged artists to stay in the career path steadily with the morale and encouragement in creating the works continually. The project was held to promote and honor the outstanding contemporary artists of "Silpathorn" of 2017. The word "Silpathorn" came from the word Silp+Thorn (meaning art conserver). The objectives were to select, search and glorify the honors of contemporary artists whose works have been recognized in the field of art in seven fields: visual art, architecture, literary art, performing art, design art, film and motion media. It also created morale and encouragement to the creators of works as well as inspiring the artists to develop his or her potential in creating the worthwhile works to the society at both national and international level. At present there are 68 Silpathorn artists.

In this event, there was the ceremony to announce and award the "Silpathorn" Contemporary Artist of 2017 on 4th Monday, September, 2017 at Rajdumnern Contemporary Art Center, by Mr. Veera Rotepotchanarat, Minister of Culture. In this year, 7 winners were awarded in 7 fields:


Name - Surname



Kamin Lertprasertchai Visual art


Amata Luphaiboon Architecture


Prabda Yun Literary art


Phongphrom Sanitwong Na Ayutthaya Music


Suwandee Chakkraworawut Performing art


Korakot Aromdee Design art


Uruphong Raksasat Film and motion media

Moreover, there were also the exhibitions, performances, and academic seminars of Silpathorn contemporary artists of 2017 during 4th – 17th September, 2017, at Rajdumnern Contemporary Art Center.

Project to promote and honor the contemporary artists of "Silpathorn" of 2017


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