Date 21/05/2017

Vision and Mission


The Ministry serves as an organization integrating religion, art and culture to the people, fostering pride in Thai identity with proper culturally based lifestyle that leads to sustainable and peaceful society.

  1. Promotes national religions, art and culture and serves the requirement for major tasks of the country, religion and the monarch, fostering sustainable propagation and development;
  2. Integrates religions, art and culture to the people and communities;
  3. Develops socio-economics with cultural dimension, at community, locality, national and international levels;
  4. Integrates co-operation in the administration of knowledge, art and cultural heritage for the benefits of the Thai people and the world community

Three major inter-relating and co-ordinating functions are concerned with the following: culture, religion and art.

  1. Culture with Thai identity that can be sustained and exist in harmony with the changing time does not rely only on the Ministry of Culture. It relies on every person in the entire nation, regardless of sex, age and social status. The Ministry serves as a mirror that provides reflections to the people in the country of internal and externalchanges affecting culture. It also suggests as to how to cope with such changes. To maintain, preserve, and hand over our existing culture and to incorporate it with appropriate effect a vast number of streams of new and foreign culture in the way that keeps our culture intact requires co-operation from every person in society, in the analysis of the weak and strong points, benefits and disadvantages, opportunities and signs of danger aiming at Thai culture. This is enhancing our culture with desirable characteristics, capable of supporting and encouraging sustainable national development.
  2. Religion - The function relating to religion is closely linked with the work on culture, as religion is the forceholding the mind of the people together and plays a very important role in the promotion of positive cultural valuesenhancing a living based on morality and ethics. Religious personnel have a major role in the provision of counseling,advice and instruction to children and religious tenets and principles as taught by their respective religious founders. This is to be applied for everyday use. Should any problems or obstructions occur in their lives, they would be able to properly maneuver their ideas and thoughts and thus free themselves from such problems without having to hurt themselves, those close to them, or other people.
  3. Art – A wide range of responsibilities covering every branch of art, tangible and non-tangible, are needed here. Art is a source of knowledge and a heritage handed down from our predecessors. It is therefore obligatory that it needs to be preserved and maintained, ready to be passed on to posterity. Also needed is the promotion for the creation of contemporary art to add to the wealth of wisdom for the current generation. Its value should be collected as national treasure.


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