Date 20/05/2017

Policy and Planning

  1. Culture is a strategy in strengthening awareness, values, ethics and moral integrity of the people in the country.
  2. Culture is a foundation and an impetus in social, economics and quality of life development
  3. Culture is a major factor in strengthening unity and cooperation of peoples, nationally and internationally
  1. To uphold nation, religion, monarchy and cultural identity.
  2. The general public should be good and possess ethical values while taking pride in Thai culture and applying religious principles in their daily life. They should also possess creativity and appreciate aesthetics.
  3. A harmonious society with ability for selecting and creating valuable products including culture-based socio-economic development is encouraged.
  4. The body of knowledge on culture should be systematically managed and promoted among the general public.
Strategies Issues
Strategy 1 To steadfastly preserve and propagate diverse national and local culture
Strategy 2 To create values, awareness and Thai wisdom
Strategy 3 To bring about national cultural base to benefit social value and increase economic value
Strategy 4 To manage the body of knowledge on religion, art and culture


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