Date 14/06/2017


Multilateral Cooperation

For multilateral cooperation, the Ministry of Culture is the focal point in Thailand for ASEAN COCI, UNESCO-related cultural matters, and CIOFF. Multilateral framework of cultural cooperation includes ASEM, APEC, ACMECS,BIMSTEC, GMS, IMT-GT, etc. We contribute to Thailand input to cultural policy making on international organization programmes and cultural issues.
The National ASEAN Committee on Culture and Information, the Culture Committee of the Thailand National Commission for UNESCO as well as the National CIOFF-Thailand Committee were formed with members nominated by organizations representing the whole spectrum of the culture sector – including the arts, museums and cultural heritage cum independent experts.
For ASEAN, we have organized the ASEAN projects to promote the cultures of Southeast Asia and to preserve and revitalize its cultural heritage.In recent years, some ASEAN COCI projects on culture and information have been expanded to allow the participation of China, Japan, and Korea-three dialogue.
For UNESCO, the promotion of UNESCO projects in the cultural development, the preservation and restoration of historical heritage, the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage and the recognition, respect and protection of cultural diversity, and creativity are main areas of concern.
For CIOFF, we have set different activities in favour of the safeguarding and the promotion of dance, music, games, rituals, customs and other arts. Instrument to broaden and deepen international cultural relations : Convention/Declaration/Agreement/ MOU/ Plan of Action


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